Skills for Success – Wellness Wednesdays

Event Date: 06/17/2020
Event Time: 12pm-1pm
Event Location: Virtual


Session 3 – How to Start a Meditation Practice
Maritza will share the benefits of mediation and provide a step-by step guide on how to start and build a daily practice. We’ll experience a short meditation session during our time together. Questions from our participants are welcomed.
Maritza Puello

Maritza Puello

Well-Being Coach, Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Maritza Puello is a well-being coach, certified yoga and meditation teacher, who has hundreds of hours of teaching/coaching experience working with individuals, small groups and corporate clients. 

A former TV news executive, Maritza uses a unique holistic approach based on her leadership experience, and a mindful curation of yoga, meditation and coaching techniques, to help people foster deeper self-awareness.  She is passionate about helping people find peaceful solutions to the stresses of everyday life to live empowered and joy-filled lives! You can find her at or follow her on Instagram @cocodark