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Prime Access is a unique one-to-one mentoring opportunity between current WICT NY members at the Director level and very senior executives in the cable telecom industry. Mentee applicants are selected and paired with mentors that can help guide them against their specific goals over a nine month period. There are monthly workshops and periodic networking opportunities, including an annual Prime Access Alumni Reunion in September.

Prime Access, WICT NY’s award-winning executive mentoring program, provides:

  • One-on-one sessions with seasoned Cable/Telecom leaders
  • Meaningful connections with respected senior executives
  • Essential industry knowledge and practical “survival” tips
  • Managerial skills development
  • Reinforcement of existing talents and strengths

Who Can Participate?

  • To be a mentor, you must be a senior cable or telecommunications executive or industry affiliate with time to devote to your mentee on a monthly basis.
  • To be a mentee, you must be a current WICT NY member with 8-10 years’ work experience in the cable/telecommunications industry.
  • This program is optimally designed for individuals at the Director level seeking guidance on how to advance in their careers. Applicants whose experience level meets these general guidelines will be given thorough consideration.

What Can Participants Expect?

  • WICT NY carefully matches mentor/mentee teams.
  • Mentees work with their mentors to define a specific career-oriented goal at the onset of the program, and develop a plan to achieve that goal during their time together.

Resources for Mentoring Teams

  • Facilitated informational breakfast workshops throughout the program.
  • WICT NY reference tools with recommended discussion topics, career management approaches and other materials.
  • Regular check-ins with a WICT NY liaison who will track your mentoring partnership progress.
  • Networking events providing opportunities to meet other mentors and mentees from current and past program years.

What is the Time Commitment?

  • Prime Access runs for seven months, commencing mid-March through September.
  • One to two meetings per month (virtual) with your mentor/mentee.
  • At least four to six group virtual sessions over the course of the program.

The application process for 2021 is now closed.




Here’s What Prime Access Alumnae Have to Say


“I got very good guidance on navigating a new company and working with a difficult manager. I also expanded my network tremendously.”

“My mentor took the program very seriously and… I appreciated her dedication and time. Even during our last meeting she said she would like to continue our meetings and continue our mentoring relationship.”

“I actually loved that my mentor was in a totally different job than I have. It was extremely helpful to have perspective when approaching each goal and obstacle.”

“My mentee had significant challenges with her manager this year. She was open and willing to listen and adopt my coaching and advice, and this was quite rewarding to me.”

“I found my mentee very interested in laying out her issues at her job and seeking my advice. She really listened to what I had to say and it was particularly rewarding when things started getting better for her at work, partly because she started to view her needs differently throughout discussions.”

“I appreciated that my mentee also had valuable experience to offer to me when we discussed business and management challenges.”

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