Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer, as they say. There is nothing more exciting than that final beach vacation in August before the back to school mayhem begins. As you carve out your ‘me time’ by the pool or on the beach, consider this month’s President’s Pick. While I have been sticking to business books, this month I chose a fun, easy read that is inspired by our industry. Indulge in the story of the ambitions, the moral struggle and the roller coaster ride of fictional news anchor, Amanda Gallo.


This month’s pick:


by Alisyn Camerota

Why I love it:

This novel is a super fun read, that gives a behind the scenes of the career path of a TV journalist.

Our protagonist, Amanda, is head strong, ambitious, idealistic but not overbearing. She is a character we want to root for and know in real life. We empathize with her dilemmas and challenges and get caught up in the whirlwind and excitement of her life.

This book swept me away but also made me think. It makes the very real debate about the struggles between journalistic integrity and the call of the almighty rating relatable and approachable.

And it poses the question – can news media really present both sides? Do we as an audience crave sides and divisiveness? It makes you think as much as it makes you escape.

I have another level of respect for all news journalists and especially appreciated Alisyn’s note at the end.

Other fun facts:

  • The book is not autobiographical – so don’t read too far into the storyline for dirt!
  • Alisyn did use her experiences as well as observations and discussions throughout her career to inspire the book.
  • Alisyn may be a prognosticator – she began writing this book with its twisting and turning plot in 2012!

I hope you enjoy this pick, and wherever your August escape takes you!

You can find Amanda Wakes up here.

Happy Reading!


2018 President
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