I don’t know about you, but I am an avid reader and obsessed with Goodreads. I love reading all kinds of books, non-fiction and fiction, business, self-help, DIY, and even instruction manuals (ok, j/k about that one).

This month, I am kicking off a new email series that will highlight some of the books that I am obsessing over and thought you might find valuable as well.

Books can teach, expand understanding, and inspire, but they are social too.  Books can be a great conversation starter when networking. So, please, if you do read any of the books I suggest, find me at the next event so we can discuss!

I will share one of my picks every month.

This month’s pick:


by Neen James

Why I like it:
Back when I ran a concert series for (RED), part of my job was to capture photos and videos of every show, and create content for social media. I realized that I found the concert less enjoyable when I was more focused on the capturing of the moment vs. the moment. While I realized this and made changes to my behavior for this circumstance, I am woefully distracted in many other parts of my life. This book reminds you that you get more out of every interaction when you truly pay attention — more for you, for your career and for your company. It offers tools and approaches to help you break from the constant interruptions and really focus.
Other fun facts:
– Neen was a featured speaker as part of our Prime Access Mentoring Program (she was fantastic!)
– Here you will find a few sample chapters for you to peruse.
– And when you buy the book here, you will get some secret bonuses!

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