Summer is over. The days are getting shorter. School is back in session.  In the spirit of starting fresh, I am recommending a book to help shift our focus back on us and our leadership style.

Fran Hauser’s book, The Myth of the Nice Girl: Achieving the Career You Love Without Becoming the Person You Hate shares with us how to use kindness to lead AND succeed.

I recognized quite a bit of myself in this book and felt grateful that Fran put it all to paper. Coming up in my career, there were always those moments of double standard – be tough and be seen as unapproachable or be nice and be seen as a doormat. It has taken me my whole career to find my own voice, approach and deftness in that balance. I pride myself in being collaborative yet decisive, empathetic but objective. But, it has come with lots of mistakes and picking myself back up. The beauty of this book is it gives you a great blueprint to finding your own authentic leadership style without all the missteps.


This month’s pick:

The Myth of the Nice Girl: Achieving the Career You Love Without Becoming a Person You Hate

by Fran Hauser

Why I love it:

Fran gives wonderful examples from her own career as well as from friends and colleagues. It was comforting to see the experiences that others have had and how they learned from them. The use of specifics is critical in understanding how to utilize the advice in the book.

Forget the guys who fail up, the seagull managers, the overbearing micromanagers. As Fran says, kindness can be your super power. What others may see as a weakness becomes your strength with the right tools and guidance on how to harness it correctly.

Fran demonstrates in her own career, as well as in her book, that acting with understanding and respect pays back twofold, it not only creates a more positive and productive environment but will also propel you forward.

Other fun facts:

  • Each chapter includes a “Key Takeaways” section that is super helpful and frankly, if you need to speed read in a pinch, you can go right there (although I recommend reading the full chapters!).
  • Fran quotes my mentor in her book. Shout out to Adaora Udoji!
  • Fran will be our guest in October to discuss this book. Be on the lookout for emails on date and location.

I hope you enjoy this pick. Please join us next month to discuss it with Fran.

You can find The Myth of the Nice Girl here.

Happy Reading!


2018 President
WICT New York