Every one of us has a circle of influence, whether we know it or not. We all have the ability to positively effect change in our own lives but also the lives of others. One of the reasons that I am involved with WICT, is the opportunity to influence and help other women in our industry. Our mentoring programs are one key way.

This year, I had the opportunity to mentor a woman in our Prime Access program who was going through a job transition. Influencing someone can manifest itself in many different ways. Influence can be in the form of inspiration, direction, empathy or as my mentee said of me: realism. My superpower for her was to keep her on track and focused on what she really wanted and reminding her of the skills she already had that can translate elsewhere.

This month’s pick, the aptly named “Women Who Influence”, showcases many different ways to demonstrate influence and perhaps might allow you to discover your own.

This month’s pick:


Women Who Influence: A Collection of Influential Stories That Will Inspire Your Soul’s Journey


Collected by Kate Butler



Why I love it:

Each writer shares their unique perspectives and experiences in who and what has influenced and shaped them, as well as how they pay it forward. No matter what subject intrigues you, there are plenty of voices and stories to keep you engaged.

In Marie Svet’s essay, Putting the Pieces Back Together, she demonstrates one of my favorite mantras “Don’t Give Up. Give Hell.” Refusing to accept how others defined success or let age be an invisible and imposed barrier, she set goals, set forth in accomplishing them and redefined what success was for her. Her story is not only inspirational and influential, it is also informative in how she built out her new career path.

Carol Stover, in Beauty From the Heart, shares the transformative power of make-up beyond the physical.

In Modern Feminity, Gabrielle Grae, shares how to use your innate feminine energy and influence to live more authentically and empowered.

Read one or a few stories at time or devour the whole book. Any way you read it, you will be influenced!

Other fun facts:

  • Featured essayist, Marie Svet was in my Betsy Class – #26.
  • Marie Svet is also one of our most influential WICT NY board members – she created our Prime Access mentoring program.
  • Kate Butler is known for her different collections which are part of her Inspired Impact Series: Women Who Ignite, Women Who Inspire. So, when you finish Women Who Influence, be sure to check out the others.
  • Kate Butler is a Certified Professional Success Coach.

I hope this email influenced you to pick up a copy here. 😉

Happy Reading!


2018 President
WICT New York