One of my guilty pleasure movies, is Ratatouille. Yes, the animated one about a rat who cooks. The main theme of the movie is that the rat Remy is inspired by Chef Gusteau’s motto “Anyone Can Cook!”

In much the same way, Allen Gannett, founder of Track Maven and author of The Creative Curve: How to Develop the Right Idea, at the Right Time, disproves the creative genius inspiration myth and proves that great ideas can come from anyone.

I appreciate this book greatly, as I myself, have struggled with certain industries’ preconceived notions that creativity comes in one brief spark versus various ways that we all consume, absorb and interpret data to create new ideas.


This month’s pick:

The Creative Curve: How to Develop the Right Idea, at the Right Time

By Allen Gannett



Why I love it:

Allen uses his skills as an intrepid researcher and decoder to debunk myths that hold us back from realizing our own creative potential.

He sheds light on stories we grew up with and accept as truth (like Mozart and Salieri) and talks to some of the most inspiring creative minds in business today to really understand the creative process.

This book is enlightening and inspiring to everyone and anyone. He has identified the four laws of creative success and helps you to identify the patterns that effect achievement.

Other fun facts:

  • Allen’s own creative “genius” in creating his company Track Maven, came from his experiences and observations as a marketer.
  • When we wonder why certain things pop and others don’t? It’s the intersection of the novel and familiar. Why do you think Apple Watches still have traditional watch faces as an option?
  • You may have seen Allen back in the day as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune or on MTVu.

I hope you enjoy this pick and feel inspired to be your fully creative self!

You can find The Creative Curve here.

Happy Reading!


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