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Session 1: Managing Anxiety and Stress During the COVID Pandemic

Maritza Puello shared tips and tools on how to manage your anxiety and stress during these unprecedented times. Learn some simple practices to help you find calm during your day.

Session 2: Starting Your Active Yoga Practice

In this session, Eliza Hull provided information on the foundations of active yoga, breakdown some postures, and then led a short flow to get us moving.  Please come prepared wearing comfortable movable clothing and with a yoga mat or just a carpeted floor.

Session 3: How to Start a Meditation Practice

Maritza joined us again to share the benefits of mediation and provided a step-by step guide on how to start and build a daily practice. We experienced a short meditation session during our time together.

Session 4: Using Yoga for Strength and Resiliency

In this session, Eliza was back to discuss how the practice of yoga can support our body anatomically, allowing us to feel mobile and strong both mentally and physically. This short discussion was be followed by a 45-minute practice on strength and resiliency. Please come prepared wearing comfortable, movable clothing, and with a yoga mat or just a carpeted floor.